Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cut the Rope, The New Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a great game and i've certainly spent more hours slinging birds than i care to admit, but if i'm going to be honest it is beginning to wear a little thin. Yeah the excitement returns when a new theme is released, but it's just not the same.

We need something new. We need a new clever idea with an appealing theme. We need a new cute funny character with hilarious sounds. Well i'm here to tell you folks that it's here and it's about time. Cut the Rope by ZebtoLabs is that and more. Like Angry Birds, it's weird, quirky, relatively unexciting idea and just perfect. It's also easy to learn and just as easy to get addicted to lol.

So in the simplest terms the object of Cut the Rope is to feed the candy to a cute ugly little green monster, who's name is Om Nom. The candy is tied to one or more ropes and you can cut the ropes by slicing your finger across it. Depending on the configuration of the level the candy will swing and fall then get caught on another rope or fall into a bubble to float back up etc etc till hopefully you can finally make it fall into hungry little Om Nom's mouth. There are also three stars that you can try to get in each level, but they aren't always easy to get and in some cases time is of the essence as some stars will disappear over time. Of course along the way you will encounter obstacles making things more difficult for you like spikes that will break the candy to bits and pesky spiders who will try to steal Om Nom's treat. As you progress new tools will be introduced that need to be used to successfully pass a level, like the bubble mentioned earlier and an air cushion that can blow the candy in different directions.

Although the principal concept of Cut the Rope is very different than Angry Birds, there are many similarities in the organization of the game itself. Of course there are the cute funny graphics and sounds, but also the levels are organized in grouped theme sets and need to be unlocked as you pass the preceding levels and themes, much like in Angry Birds, and you can strive to achieve 3 stars in every level or just be content with passing the level.

Cut the Rope has been available for the iOS for quite sometime now and costs just 99 cents for the iPhone/iPod version and $1.99 for the iPad HD version, and finally the game has recently been released for Android. It's exciting times for the makers of Cut the Rope, i think it has a chance of giving Angry Birds some real competition and if not it is certainly the game that will come the closest. As a fan of Angry Birds i must say that i'm glad to see that there is now an alternative and we will be intently following the future of Cut the Rope.

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